A few kudos:

Martin Behrens was very helpful and took a genuine interest in our problem. We really appreciated his service.

Martin is absolutely fantastic!! I so appreciate his knowledge and determination to assist.

Martin did an excellent job here resolving the computer issues; was very helpful and thorough. I will definitely be recommending him in the future and won't hesitate to have him come back should I have more problems with my blasted machines!

Keep Martin on your staff - he is very knowledgeable and helpful.

I found Martin to be very accommodating and helpful and fair in his assessment of our needs.

I was very pleased with the work of Martin Behrens.

We had used this technician before. Martin is very professional and knows what he is doing.

I called because Martin helped me out before. He is knowledgeable, courteous and arrives on time.

Martin Behrens is clear, friendly, practical and works quickly to solve problems - much appreciated.

Martin Behrens was great. He made sure everything was working the way I needed it to.

Thank you again so much Martin!

Superior job by Martin Behrens as always... Thank you!

Martin Behrens is outstanding. He has provided us with assistance many times and he always finds elegant solutions for our unusual requests. He is very professional and takes the time to explain the pros/cons of various solution options in a way that we can understand. As a result we are able to make informed decisions about the final solution together with him. He truly provides a service that is second-to-none!

Martin was very patient and attentive. Excellent service.

Martin is great - thank you!

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful service today. I was leery on booking the appointment, as I have used similar services in the past – but Martin was extremely helpful, patient and explained everything so I could understand.

Martin Behrens is the best!

Martin Behrens was great, very knowledgeable & fair.

Martin did an incredible job. He is professional, polite and patient. I am going to recommend you to all of my friends.

I was extremely pleased with Martin. He is very nice to deal with and very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend you to my friends!

Martin was great!

Martin was very helpful and extremely efficient. He sorted out my computer completely and quickly and explained in detail several important things that I didn't understand.

Just want to say a HUGE thank you to Martin our tech...did exactly what he said he would and so professional. Thank you!

Martin was my geek and he was excellent. I will be calling for him specifically for my next set of problems. Thank you.

We really trust you with our computer.

You are a true find. A consummate professional and a person who truly cares about his work.

I have finally found an excellent Computer Guru in you!

We can't live without your computer services - you're the best!

Magic! He's wonderful.

Really, really amazing! He really knew what he was doing... He is a real pro... and very polite too.

Magic again, I think!! He is extremely pleasant to work with.

Martin had to troubleshoot very difficult problems and solved them through persistence and expertise.

I was very satisfied with Martin's work. He was thorough, and took time to answer my questions.

You have responded to every call for help and always provided a solution. May your zeal and fortitude serve you well in all your endeavours.

Martin is well respected in our organization as being reliable, conscientious, trustworthy, and willing to commit the time and effort required to see projects through to completion.

Martin has been a valued member of our team. He is cooperative, works well with others, technically competent, and capable.

I can truthfully say he is a pleasant, intelligent and hardworking person. His strength lies in particular in his analytical way of approaching and solving problems... He has always done his work well and efficiently.

Great work from Martin and he explained all the problems going on in my computer.

I am very happy with Martin. He is an excellent technician who gave choices to solve my computer problems and he did an excellent job.

As always, you are so thorough and helpful in giving us the resources to solve things.

Excellent and very thorough. Very pleasant. Martin was a pleasure to work with and very very helpful.

Thank you again for this great service.

I am so happy. A big thank you for coming to my aid once again.

It was a pleasure to meet Martin and have him help me out.

Thanks again for your prompt and excellent work.

Thank you so much for coming in to help me. I am so thrilled to have things moving along. I finalised that contract now which will start in the next week because of you! I really appreciate your effort today. I'm thrilled that we are no longer stagnant.

Thank you for your help this past week. Your responsiveness and knowledge have been much appreciated. I look forward to working with you more in the future.

Martin, thank you very much for your assistance. I won't hesitate to call you if I have another problem in future or to recommend you to anyone I know who might need your services. Best wishes and good luck.

Thank you for sending Martin over to fix the computer / squeezebox problems we were having. He was amazing. I couldn't have asked for a better person. Everything works great now and finally after 2 months we have music. We are very happy with his work and will highly recommend him. Thanks again.

Once again, a big thank you for your help. Can't tell you often enough how great you are and how much we appreciate your support!

We just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job you did getting our laptop running. It is so nice to see people like you who take a great deal of care and pride in what they do. We are grateful that you resolved our computer problem, and we will not hesitate to recommend you to our friends. Thanks again :-)

Martin did what others had been trying to do without success for years - namely to make our DOS based POS system function in a Windows environment. It saved us from having to go through the expense and time consuming process of buying a new POS system. Although it turned out to be a much more difficult job then at first envisioned, Martin stuck with it and got it done. Failure was never an option.

Thanks Martin. As usual outstanding service.

I look forward to using your services on-going. Very pleased with your work. Thanks so much.

Thank you so much for all you help. It is greatly appreciated. I have passed your information on to others and I hope that it will pass on some business for you as well.

Thanks a lot for all your help and consideration. I appreciate your work and want to continue doing more work with you.

My computer is working so nicely – thank you again.

As usual you did a superb job.

Thank you Martin. You've been very helpful and I appreciate it.

Thank you for all your help and expertise in getting my computer up and running. I posted it on my Facebook yesterday and one of my friends needs your help with his computer. I sincerely hope you do not mind me referring you?

Thank you for being my saviour.

Hi Martin, I am just getting the hang of LinkedIn and would like to add your name, as you are wonderful to work with and I highly recommend you! Take care and thank you for being you!

Dear Martin, You saved the Day! Thank you.

Martin is a delight. I highly recommend him.

I was speaking to another friend yesterday, and mentioned how terrific you are. She told me she was always having problems with her laptop, and was glad to know help was available. I am going to send her your contact info.

Thank you for your excellent help, as always.

I so appreciate your help and it is really comforting to know that there is someone whom I can call when I have trouble.

I appreciate your help. You have an incredible mind. Thank you.

I wanted you to know that my computer is functioning so much better now. Thank you for your very productive house call.

Martin, Thank you again so much for all your help and support last week in dealing with this craziness!! You're the best!

Wow, this is incredible news. Thank you, Martin.

Dear Martin, Thank you again for your help. It's much appreciated.

My computer is running PERFECTLY today - absolutely no problems with start up or google or speed for that matter! Maybe I can put off getting the new computer for a while yet! Thanks so much again for taking the time on your Holiday Weekend. You are a lifesaver!!!

YEAHHHHHHHHH! Your fix fixed it! THANKS, Martin!

Martin is an honest and professional IT consultant. He has provided his services several times in the past few years and I highly recommend him.

I have hired Martin on numerous occasions from 2005 to present to complete certain I/T jobs for my company. Eventhough I now live in a different city than he does, I still have kept my connection with him and hire him regularly. He has always provided my company with great service and expertise. I can highly recommend him as an I/T consultant.

Thanks so much for your most efficient service.

It was a pleasure working with you. You were always reliable, methodical and available. We could count on you do get the job done. There is a reason why we didn't seek out any other computer consultants in your region. It was because we could rely on you. Thank you kindly for your time and service.

The service you are providing is beyond excellent.

You are SUCH A LIFESAVER!!!!! THANK YOU, Martin!!!!!!!

Thank you for solving our computer problem. We really appreciate what you can do.

I just wanted to thank you for helping us with our computer. It is working soooo well - a real pleasure to use. It is doing everything it is supposed to! Thanks so much.

If I may say so, you are an amazing Guru and friend!

You are a miracle worker !!!

Thank you for all the help you've provided over the past little while. We appreciate your quick turnaround times and expertise while on site. Thank you for helping us maintain our quality in the Greater Vancouver Area.

My sincere thanks for getting me back up and running!

Thank you for your "above and beyond the call of duty" help.

Martin is a great resource.

Thank you for getting me up and running yesterday. It was a pleasure meeting you.

I am fortunate to know you and appreciate very much your service whenever needed. It's of great comfort to me to know a professional who is honest, I can trust, and has a lot of patience with a Dinosaur!

YOU HAVE NO IDEA how much I appreciate knowing you are there!!!!!!!!

Thank you again for fixing my computer in such an efficient and inexpensive way.

You are a true genius and I so appreciate you.

Everything is working beautifully. Thank you so much again.

I am extremely appreciative and grateful for all that you did for me - you are THE BEST - par excellence.

I definitely notice a big improvement with my computer. You are amazing!!

I can't thank you enough, Martin, for your expertise and your patience. I really thought all my files might be lost. Having you bring them back to life was amazing.

Thank you for a great job on my computer Martin. It is working so well & also faster, now a pleasure to use it.

I just want to thank you again for all your persistent hard work yesterday. It was a marathon but well worth it. We appreciate all your input and we just love the new computer

You are indeed a Gem, Martin!

Thank you, you are amazing!!! We are so lucky to have your help!!!


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