Why choose us:
Mission, Guarantees and Terms of Service

As a one-person organization, we recognize the value of human connection and offer fairness and individualized service unmatched by call centres. When you call us, you speak with the technician that will service your computers, rather than with a distant telemarketing associate reciting a prepared sales script. After a visit, we remain one call away for further assistance with a precise understanding of your computing environment. If you believe that a conscientious technician operating off a cell phone and a laptop is less reliable than larger and more expensive brick-and-mortar operations, think again.

Our business is about professional devotion rather than profit obsession. It started when many loyal clients insisted on our visiting as an independent contractor after not being able to continue our previous relationship. We are thus in a position to work for your best benefit, free from pressures to misrepresent repairs for the purpose of meeting a billing quota. We value our customers for more than the revenues they provide and make every effort to remain fair to their best interest.

In addition to our passion for a job well done, we offer more than 20 years computer support experience, as well as extensive technical schooling and ongoing knowledge upgrading.

As a home-based business, we work with minimum overheads and we charge as little as we can bear rather than as much as the market will bear. As a result, our rates are very competitive. When it is advisable to take your system off-site for extended repair, we usually budget a fixed price calculated at only 50% of our on-site rate. Telephone and email follow-ups are no-charge. When extensive troubleshooting is required, we apply price caps to our services, protecting you from spiralling labour charges.

We want to enrich your friendships. Tell a friend about us and we'll thank you for your loyalty: you'll receive a $20 credit for each new customer you refer to us, and your friends will receive a $20 introductory credit too!

We welcome clients on a shoestring budget. Occasionally we work at reduced rate or pro bono. When available, we will provide recycled parts at no cost. We will answer at no charge all email inquiries from clients or prospective clients looking for tips on how to resolve issues on their own.

In the rare cases of problem recurrence within 30 days after a visit, as the result of an unresolved issue, we will, within reason, provide no-charge follow-ups until the problem is resolved. We may request your cooperation with testing to show symptoms and confirm a provided solution.

We request a minimum 2-hour advance notice for appointment cancellations.


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